How to Identify Your Prospective Customers Based on Demographics

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Canada Post recently launched a tool to help companies market their products and services online through their website. Precision Targeting provides users with an easy-to-use, powerful tool for targeting potential customers online. It is a complete service that can be used by any and all professionals involved in e-commerce marketing. Canada Post’s Precision Targeting service helps companies around Canada to find, locate, and better target potential customers with a fully online resource available from Canada Post. Precision Targeting combines Canada Post is full address database with Canadian Census data to give detailed information on postal districts which allows direct mailing campaigns to be more targeted and more effective.

Canada Post Precision Targeting

Canada Post’s Precision Targeting tool uses Canada Post’s full address database to match customer details with postal codes. This enables direct mailing campaigns to be more effective by allowing small businesses to target their advertising to the right audience. Smaller and more local businesses are finding this technology very useful for increasing their local customer base as well as lowering their costs. The increased efficiency of this service has helped many local small businesses increase their sales as sales continue to rise in today’s economy. The increased target market and improved targeting of mail volumes have also meant increased sales and revenue for Canada Post while costing less for the small business as well.

As a part of Canada Post’s Precision Targeting initiative, the organization developed and released its new postpaid smart targeting tool for unaddressed postcard mailing. Canada Post is one of the largest mail handling organizations in the world with operations in all corners of the country. The organization handles both letter and package delivery for individuals and companies. The organization has recently upgraded its tools for effective marketing campaigns both on and offline. With the release of its new post grid tool, Canada Post has made the mapping process of delivering mail easier and more effective for both businesses and clients.

Precision Targeter Software

The precision targeter software tool uses the address line data entered during a transaction for the creation of an electronic database that stores and references each customer’s information. When a new client is added, his or her information is stored in the database so that it can be referenced later on when a need to contact that person arises. Canada Post has also created special reference folders that include the client’s name, address, product order number, priority mail date and any other relevant information necessary for the successful completion of a campaign. This helps small businesses follow up with their customers more easily by providing the necessary details needed to follow up on an order placed through the mail. This also makes it much easier for marketers to formulate a mailing list and set up the appropriate campaign materials and distribution options.

The precision targeter address database contains both traditional postal addresses and those provided by the Canada Revenue Agency. These two sources contain different data types which can be used for direct marketing campaigns and targeted mailing campaigns. The precision targeter enables marketers to make accurate estimates of the amount of mail that would be sent to a specific client list. It makes it much easier for small businesses to decide what kind of advertising they would wish to launch and how much direct mail effort they would need to implement.

The precision targeter not only provides postal address data for existing customers but it provides information on potential customers as well. This online tool provides building occupancy information for properties located in every municipality in Canada. The building occupancy refers to the number of occupied bedrooms, bathrooms and all other living areas that the property has. With this information, it becomes much easier for real estate agents to decide on a selling price for a house that has a high building occupancy rate. Since the target market for such a property may be a younger group or a retiree looking for an investment property, the property’s overall price may change based on the current building occupancy rate.

Many real estate agents are already familiar with how a precision targeter works and therefore it is often easy for them to use it without any difficulty. However, new businesses or start-up businesses may not be aware of it. One reason why new businesses should use this online tool is because the precision range is wider than what most real estate businesses normally use. For example, if a business owns a piece of vacant land that is located in a rural area, it will capture more precision results than an office in the city that is located in a metropolitan area. This makes this type of online tool perfect for businesses that are not yet fully established.


A precision targeter can also help in identifying prospective customers based on their age, occupation and income level. Using the information gathered from the precision range as well as other demographic filters, the software program can give businesses a very complete picture of who its target market is. Businesses can then tailor their marketing campaigns to capture the interests of this target demographic. For example, a pizza shop may choose to launch a campaign that targets only families who have children under the age of twelve. The age group of the target demographic may be based on other factors like family size and income level, but this is the best way to ensure that the campaign has a much greater chance of success.