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Pleasant Bay
Pleasant Bay
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Whale watching
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Gambo Abbey

Known as the whale watching capital of Cape Breton, Pleasant Bay marks the center of the Cabot trail. With a population of approximately 350 this small coastal community offers an idyllic setting for hiking, and for enjoying the wonders that nature has to offer.

The main industry here is fishing, lobster in spring and snowcrab in the summer. The forest here is home to a variety of birds, fox, coyote, and snowshoe hare. The area is visited by whale watchers from all over the world.

Pleasant Bay is about 40 minutes from Ocean Haven. Allow 10 minutes to go to the Red River Church, or 45 to Gambo Abbey. Allow 40 minutes round trip to Bay St Lawrence. Dingwall is just minutes. At each location you can walk the local wharf. Depending on season you may see lobster, crab, or halibut (Dingwall) being landed.

Pleasant Bay
Pleasant Bay
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